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It's Hay Fever Season

This is the time of year when hay fever (allergic rhinitis) starts to affect many people here in Richmond. Typical symptoms include a clear nasal discharge, itchy nose, sneezing and sniffling. Sinus and ear congestion and itchy, red, watery eyes can also plague those suffering from allergies. In April and May the most common cause is tree pollen. Come May and June often the offending pollen is from grasses. Fall allergies are often caused by ragweed pollen, but reactions to animal dander and other year-round offenders can give symptoms at any time. All told, over 15 % of people suffer from allergies.
Treatment is often quite easy but may include prescription medications. Oral antihistamines and prescription nasal sprays are simple to use and very helpful. Eye drops are often needed for those having annoying eye symptoms as mentioned previously. Other methods such as showers at bedtime and closing windows at night help to decrease exposure in the home and are important to controlling allergies. Please call our office if you find yourself or your children suffering from these springtime problems.
Also, please call if sinus pressure is worsening, if your attempts at control with over-the-counter medicines is not helping, or if a fever develops. These are possible signs of infection and need to be dealt with differently.