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Preparing for Camps and School: What You Will Need to Update Your Childs Health Record

If your child is attending summer camp, entering kindergarten in the fall, transferring from private to public school, transferring from public to private school, changing school districts, recently moved into a new school district, entering college, transferring colleges, or planning to participate in middle or high school sports, summer is the time to update your child’s shots and physicals and locate official documents such as birth certificates and proofs of residence.
Attending Summer Camps, Entering Kindergarten and Transferring Schools
Most summer camps require an updated shot record to be completed by the child’s physician. Forms may be dropped off at the office.
If your child is entering kindergarten in the fall, you should have received a registration packet in the mail in mid-April. If you haven’t received one, contact the school nearest you.
If your child is entering kindergarten, transferring from private to public school or changing school districts, you will need an original state-issued birth certificate, proof of residence, and a completed school form, which will include a physical done after the first day of school of the previous school year and a complete shot record filled out and signed by a physician.
Private schools require a complete shot record and a physical when first entering the school. Many require annual check-ups, especially if the child is participating in sports.
Participating in Middle or High School Sports
The state of Virginia requires a check-up after May 1 of the previous school year in order to participate in school athletics. Practice for high school fall sports begins the first week of August. Middle school try-outs are the first week of school.
If your child plans to participate or is even thinking about trying out for school sports, they must have a completed sports form. Please make your check-up appointment as early as possible.
Entering College or Transferring Colleges
All colleges require a complete shot record (Dtap, HIB and polio, all 3 HEPB, 2 MMR and a tetanus shot within the last 10 years). Most colleges also require a recent TB test (three to six months prior to the start of school- please check your form). They may also require, and we strongly recommend, a meningococcal vaccine, which protects against meningitis, a bacterial infection that inflames the lining of the brain.
The vaccine takes at least a week after administration before protection is provided.
 If the college student will be participating in sports, a complete physical is required. Please make your appointment as early as possible.